Our Services

If the structure needs a full house fumigation don't be alarmed. Our crew works with the most care on your property. You will receive an instruction sheet as to what has to be done and in a couple of days you will be back in your home. 

Our Termite Inspector will look for wood-destroying pests throughout the home. All accessible areas will be inspected including crawlspaces and the exterior of the property. After a thorough termite inspection by our licensed specialist we will determine if your home will need a spot treatment or a full house fumigation. To follow, if there is damage to the wood, we will advise if it needs to be repaired with our most honest recommendation.  Included with the repair we will color match the paint.

We repair:

  • Fascia Boards, Rafters, Window and door trims, siding, patio repairs, etc..

We take pride in the professional work we do and will treat your house like it was our own!

~All our work comes with a gaurantee ~

Local spot treatments
1 year warranty
Wood work
1 year warranty
Full fumigation
3 year warranty

Full House Fumigation

Spot Treatment/Wood Repairs


is your home termite-free? Let us help.
If you want an estimate from a licensed specialist, contact us.

License# PR 5393